Understanding Our Value - 2018

Why is it that a heavy majority of us seem to look, first, for what it is that we must improve?


Why is it that a heavy majority of us seem to look, first, for what it is that we must improve?  Should that not be a secondary step or tertiary step? What is the alternative?


In all of the crafts that we take on as human beings, starting with the craft of living life… the heavy majority of us in today’s 21st century seem to look for the things we should improve or want to “work on,” and we do it as a primary step.  The current value, though… this is important; perhaps most important. It goes to the saying that you don’t know where you’re going until you know where you are, or that you have to know where you are to know where you’re going. Have your pick.

Understanding what we currently bring to the table, without any changes or adjustments is important to having confidence and bringing value to the craft, or organization, or family, or conversation.  KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GOOD AT. And once we have a solid hold and understand and presentation on that, then we can move onto the things we’d like to improve. However, never losing sight of our current valuables while we seek and act on the desired improvement.

The other day, I was working with four young ladies at once in a group session.  I stopped our previous conversation to ask them to think of two things each that they were doing well and to be ready to share.  That question can be translated to life, business, sports, and anything else. There was a bunch of hesitation and a bunch of unsureness and overall squirming.  Some would say that it was a lack of wanting to sound like they (individually) had already figured something out. A few would say that they knew some things they were individually doing well, but didn’t want to share out loud.  My educated opinion is that it was the pattern of the mind, that said that they each didn’t have a solid hold on what they did well, because they’d quickly and subconsciously skip the value, to move onto what they “needed to do better.”

What happened next pushed me even further into that hypothesis.  When I asked them to share one thing that they wanted to improve on, the answers shot out like lightning bolts on a rainy caribbean night (I should work on my imagery).  Does it even thunder and lightning in the caribbean???


This is one story of one situation that happens rather frequently with us human beings.  I’m not perfect at them myself and when it’s my responsibility or job to teach others, I don’t leave those moments disappointed.  I actually get a bit excited, because I know what rests on the other side, once understanding value is the primary thought. SO MUCH CONFIDENCE.  Confidence is something that so many of us seek, yet around exactly sure how to gain it and then how to maintain it.


Let’s have a conversation.  If you’re reading this, I would like you to spend JUST TWO MINUTES (120 more seconds of your life) and write me.  In the comments, in an email, whatever. Write me and tell me what your situation is as it pertains to confidence. One sentence, one page, one novel… I don’t care. Write me.


Chris P Austin

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