Book Announcement - 2016

Happy Sunday,

Today, I am announcing that I will be publishing my first book... this upcoming month of June.  I have spent the better part of a year, 11 months to be exact, putting this together and the final edits were finished this morning by myself and my wonderful editor, Bonnie Kopf.  I am excited to deliver this life-changing story to you, as I hope that you are excited to spread the word and partake in this becoming what will hopefully be a great piece of literary work.

The book presents a creative non-fiction angle of the lives of a group of very special athletes from the island of Hawai'i, their coaches, their friends, and their families.  You will be introduced to the main characters and taken through the growth of each one as an individual.  Soon after, you will be woven through the development of their relationships within and outside of their generation.  Finally, the book will teach you the game of volleyball and present you with loads of live play and edge-of-your-seat action within their sports careers.

This book will be for all of my readers with imagination, and my readers who believe in a process within the obtainment of success.  June 25th is the date that the book is scheduled to publish.  That means, June 25th will be the first date when we can push this meaningful non-fiction story onto the Best Seller's list and have it expand to the world.  This really is a story that must hit the volleyball world, the athletic world, the United States, and the world in general.  Come along for this journey and let's get the buzz going.  Information on places to get updates below, and more details on the book are to come next Chris P Austin Coaching. 

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- Lion

Chris P Austin