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Happy Sunday,

June 25th is approaching quickly.  Yesterday marked exactly three weeks until my book is released.  It is an exciting time in this month of June, and as I said in last week's Chris P Austin Coaching, I am back to give you more information to prepare you for your read of the new book.


Bonnie' Drawing of the Court.JPG

My readers of Chris P Austin Coaching will be the only people to see this picture before the book is released to the world.  It is a very important picture, drawn by a very important person in the process.  To me, it is important to have this picture within the book because it is a message that, although we are in a society of digital and electronic dominance, sometimes the most pure things come from hand-crafted work.  I want you all to take two messages from this picture:

1) The imperfections in this court's shape and symmetry are what make it perfect...

2) This is the point in which the learning begins.


I have been to a few places and learned a few things.  Something I have taken away from this writing experience is a greater appreciation for drive.  It had never been an overwhelming challenge in my academic life to do what was required for success, simply because I could always see the benefit at the finish line.  When it comes to my athletic career, I venture to say that it has been easy to find the motivation, because, since high school, pro sports were always something that I wanted.  Writing has been different.  I didn't enjoy reading in my youth.  I enjoyed writing even less than I did reading.  The bug bit me later in life, and it didn't bite me because of a virus that said "Pick up the pen."  I was lured into writing because I ran into a story which I felt the world should know.  Yet, the story hadn't been told... to anyone... by anyone.  That story was this story, the story I am bringing to you this month.

If you are the person who likes the feel of a book in your hand, then starting today, the paperback version is available for you to pre-order.  If that is what you want to do, CLICK HERE.  Either way, what I would like for you to do is spread the word about the release of the book, and keep coming back to connect with me on Sunday mornings.  Invite your friends with the email list invitation at the top right hand corner.  Tap the heart-shaped "like" button below.  Leave me a comment.  Enjoy that coffee!


BTW... my book is titled

The Way: A Hawaiian Story of Growth, Relationships, & Volleyball  


- Chris P Austin

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