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College athletics can quickly become the most time consuming activity in an athlete's life.  Making the decision to play college sports isn't for everyone, but for those that do decide college sports it for them, goal setting becomes even more important because some of the people around will have money and careers invested into the team they're on.

Some are fortunate to end up at an institution where programs are provided to manage a schedule.  The University of California system, for example, has academic advisors, team coaches, strength coaches, physical therapists, team doctors, professors, and many more resources.  Although, some institutions don't have those resources available.  Either way, it is important for athletes to have a hold on their own schedule.  It is crucial to learn from the resources provided (how to set a consistent course schedule toward graduation; how to manage weight gains and fatigue of the body; how to improve as a player; etc).  The only way to prepare for the future is to also have an understanding of these areas as well.

Keep in mind how much training your body can handle and experiment in the off-season.  Find out if you are better at waking up early to study or getting your studying done late at night before bed.  If it is necessary for you to have a job, what sort of job can you get that will compliment what you have going on in your degree or in your sport. The main point and question of learning as a collegiate athlete is: IS WHAT I AM DOING AND LEARNING PROGRESSING ME TOWARD THE NEXT STEP?  Whether that be a business career, the next level of playing, the next level of schooling....

Being humble is an important lesson for moving through life.  You'll find the route is much smoother moving up the ladder when cooperation is fluid.  Yet, that doesn't mean progress through the days without disagreements.  Confrontation is how some of the greatest inventions were created.  The give and take each day is what has helped me shape into a more polished athlete.  Externally, be open to change and always keep in mind that there is someone in the world who is better at what you do... so you can always learn.  Internally, take the things that you like during your learning process and add them to your repertoire.  In turn, give the things you don't like back, and keep them in mind for the later time in your life when you're making the decision(s).

College can be the overarching and end goal for some people.  For others, it's the launching pad for the professional level.  Next week will start the month of February's discussion on recruiting from the youth level, on through the professional level. Stay tuned and thank you for reading.  If you'd like to continue the discussion then you can post in the comments section below.


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