Unlock Consistency - 2015

We are coming off an eventful week here in California. The historical Manhattan Beach 6 Man Volleyball Tournament finished up yesterday, football season and the fall academic semesters are around the corner, and I am still saving tons of money on my car insurance by using Geico.  

This week's message is simple.  I would like to ask that we all focus on being a little more consistent.  If we are already consistent people then that is fantastic.  If we fall short of the bar then let's work at climbing closer to the bar.  Wherever you are, see the areas that you can improve and work at it.

Consistency is among the best gifts that we could give in life.  In our work habits, in our crafts, our lifestyle, and our relationships.  Without sacrificing our spontaneity and itch for excitement, consistency is the starting point for allowing us to add value to the world.  Adding value is what pushes us to grow as a society and a culture.

Consistency is key.

Thoughts, questions, comments, concerns are always welcome.  Sip slow this morning.

- Lion

Chris P Austin