Introduction - 2016

Happy New Year everyone.  Chris P Austin Coaching is going to be taking a specific focus in 2016.  If you are interested in sports and athletics, then this is a good place for you.  My posts will have an emphasis on volleyball, but will also have information for athletes, coaches, and fans of other sports.  Every month I will pick a specific focus inside of the realm of sports.  I will discuss current practices in athletics from youth to high school to college to professional.  I will spend some time talking about the recruiting process for college and international sports.  I'm going to request opinions from you guys, on topics you'd like to hear about and have discussed, as I build an audience.  Follow along with me through the weeks and feel free to share posts and invite anyone interested to join.  It's all free!

So, I want to start this week by introducing myself, so that you know where my experience and opinions come from.  My name is Chris P Austin.  I was born in Texas, raised in Nevada, and collegiately educated in Hawaii & California.  I grew up without an athletic hobby.  I mostly spent time on school work and got into music as a 6th grade middle schooler.  During my series of January blog posts I will be giving you some info on how I went from being a 7th grader cut from his first team sport tryout, to a professional athlete and owner of a small coaching company, and telling you about a lot of the help I had along the way.  Stay tuned, next Saturday I will be writing about the mindsets of a raw athlete, raw coach, and raw sports enthusiast. 

Feel free to drop any questions you have for January's topic in the comments section (vvv).  Also welcome are sport specific topics you would like to have discussed in February.

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Have a blessed week.

- Lion