June's Question - 2015

This week is designed to request your input.  If you choose to follow this blog and read along with some of the topics that we discuss, you have a good understanding of the way that we challenge your mind.  For this week of June I would like for you to think about these questions and provide your feedback, this is not rhetorical.

How far will you go to achieve what you want to achieve?  How far will you go to keep what you enjoy having?  How far will you go to make or break a structure?  I am curious to know from you, along with others in our society, what drives our decision making.  Sure, the surface things like what we will choose to have for dinner.  But more centrally, the decisions that will carve our life paths long term.  I know what drives me, I know what my standards are, and I know what my expectations are.  I would like to compare; not to change, but to gain perspective.

Speaking of "them" being two different things, will we choose what is easy or what we feel is right for us?  Will we make our decisions solely based on the feelings of another or must we have some percentage of that same feeling involved inside of us to react?  Who will we choose to be with and why?  What holds priority to us and who holds priority to us?  How are those decisions made and in what circumstances and situations do they change?

Would we be willing to fight for what we believe in or would we allow someone to talk us out of something we feel strongly about in our heart?  Does it matter who that someone is?  Would we stiff arm our friend's opinion to achieve what we want?  Would we create space between our sibling to carryout our vision?  How about our spouse.... our child.... our parent?  This is not to sway you in any direction.  This is to hear your side.  

Comments can be left below.  Flow freely to me.

- Lion

Chris P Austin