Making Something Out Of Nothing - 2015

When there is a problem to solve, no one actually has the phone number to the Ghostbusters...  Rather than having a direct outlet to problem solving for anything, at the day's end most people don't have more than their two thumbs and whatever is within arm's reach to create a solution.  That's when we ask our people to make something out of nothing.

This is a figure of speech but it is meant to say that one should chase their dreams and work so hard that he or she cannot be denied in the pursuit of their desire.  Though, this is a dangerous position to be in and a position that has very fine lines of boundary.  Making something out of nothing is a phrase that I am taking out of my bag.  The reason being is that I feel it is utterly important that the other half of your quest accepts you with open arms.

Should it be worthwhile, the path will be challenging.  That does not mean that it will put you in the darkest place you've ever been in, or that you'll be bruised and bloody everyday that you lay down to sleep.  It means that you'll have to put in time, you'll have to put in effort, you'll have to be bold, and more than anything you'll have to gain comfort in occasionally being outside of your comfort zone.  When we identify what it is that we want to achieve then we can dive in, and if it is the real deal (Evander Holyfield), as opposed to a temporary hobby, then we absolutely should commit ourselves and dive in.  However, not with losing sight of the outstanding variable.

That outstanding variable is mutual feeling, mutual opportunity, or mutual effort (depending on your situation in question).  The basic idea is the word mutual.  Its time for the breakdown.  If we decide that what we want is to reach a new level of sport, whether that be making the decision to play, making our first varsity team, going to college, winning a championship at our level, etc., then once we take a shot at this task we must feel that it is suited for our abilities.  Mutual opportunity.  As you search to take the next step in this craft, it should be clear that this is an achievable goal.  With whatever realistic belief you have in your mind, keeping in mind that it is acceptable to shoot for the stars and make history, it is required that you truly feel that your goal can be reached.  Simply because no one else is going to reach it for you.  And without the belief that the challenge invites you in, the challenge will not be pursued with the maximum effort.

Should it be a raise or new benefits that you seek at work, should it be making partner or physician's assistant, there will only be the achievement if there is mutual effort.  To help explain, imagine this scenario.  If you are at work and you say you deserve a raise, that is much different than being deserving of a raise.  It becomes unrealistic to request a raise if the company in question has dropped their product output in the last X number of months.  Generally, raises are granted by longevity, performance, or fear of departure.  If you think you deserve a pay increase and the person that pays you hasn't had a rise in value from your performance, then it would be difficult for one side to see the benefit in giving you a raise.  The mutual effort would not be there because the theory of giving someone more to create the same results they have been over a long period of time would not make sense.  So put in your work and create a raise because of your raise in company value (creating something out of something), rather than trying to create something out of nothing. 

In relationships: siblings, friends, acquaintances, and significant others, the concept goes as follows.  It can outstretch the plan of any outside sources.  That is an always statement.  Two people can always go as far as they want in their linear relationship.  If that relationship of two points (two people) being connected by one line turns into a triangle, that is where the problem exists.  This is not speaking of the situation where you don't have a preference, but only the situation where you desire it to work and you desire it to be great.  Should you have a friendship with person A that is healthy, enjoyable, and exciting... but becomes a hassle, and a detriment when you encounter person B, then the dynamic enters.  If you want your friendship with person A to be outstanding then you'll suffocate and absolutely bombard person B with all of the positive and great things that you enjoy about person A.

When we have strong relationships of any sort, with our sister, with our best friend, with our fiance, with our teammate... we want people to know about it and we want people to know how special it is to us.  At the day's end, when we feel that our sibling is outstanding and, after evaluation, the negative things that people try to bring in about them are not accurate of their character then we will fight for them and guide them towards us.  Pay attention though, the dynamic must be observed.  That sibling must share that mutual feeling of wanting that relationship with you.  You can scratch and claw and push all you want, but if it's not a mutual feeling, a mutual desire, then you're trying to make something out of nothing.

If you desire that strength of relationship so much, if you are down with that teammate, if you want that boy so badly... then reach for it with everything you've got.  But pay attention to the dynamic.  Whether it be a physical person, place, thing or a figurative quest, your want has to want you back.  If you've emptied your deck and your cards are on the table and your thinking tool (mind, body, and/or soul) tells you that the dynamic is not mutual... then float it to the wind.  Find your desire, find your pillars in your life, and always proceed ready to commit to the process... but avoid trying to make something out of nothing.

Create greatness when you see the potential for greatness.

Enjoy your coffee and questions, comments, concerns are welcome.

- Lion 

Chris P Austin