Scared of Fear - 2015

It is understandable and acceptable to have fear.  Most of us go through a time in our lives, younger and older, that we have a real fear.  What is unacceptable is to avoid your fear and turn away from it.  To sweep fear under the rug as if it doesn't exist can be poisonous.  It is more than likely that you will see what you turn away from, show up when it is most unwelcome.  Some of us are athletes, some of us business people, teachers, fitness instructors, doctors, etc.  Some of us have the fulfilling job of being a spouse or a parent.  Fear will come in all of these circumstances.  To reach a new level in your practice or profession, be ready to look fear in the eye and take a step forward.  Every step that we decide to take backwards is ground that we will have to repave, while others are striding toward the end goal.

Lately I have seen so many people that are close to me stray away from their resources.  The nouns that have helped you in the past are likely to repeat history and be able to help you again.  None of us should feel too great, too mature, too independent to seek assistance.  Fear would like us to feel vulnerable and helpless.  The strongest battle that we can present fear is an army.  That could be an army of people or an army of thoughts and ideas.  Allow fear to be the propeller that shifts you into your next accolade.

Sip that coffee slow.  Take your time in life.

- Lion

Chris P Austin