The Way GRV - 2016

Happy Sunday,

If you are here, reading Chris P Austin Coaching, it's an even better morning than it would have been otherwise.  It's been a few weeks since the publishing of The Way.  It has been a great experience thus far.  Publishing my first book has been challenging like no endeavor in my life, yet it has been far more rewarding than challenging.  Being an author doesn't make a person extra special.  Having people who will take time from their lives, sit, and allow themselves to dive, fall, or sometimes stumble into your material, makes being an author feel extra special.

Those who have read The Way and have provided feedback have really enjoyed the characters as it pertains to their relationship dynamics.  Beyond the volleyball, the objective was to have the reader develop his or her own literary relationship with the characters. Over the next few weeks, I would like to start some discussion on the writing, chapter by chapter.  I would also like to blend in some entries about the upcoming Olympics, just three weeks away.  It's an exciting time right now.  I am glad to have you reading along and following with me.

If you have completed The Way or are close to completing, I would appreciate you writing a review on Amazon.  Amazon reviews seem to be the most helpful thing with expansion and exposure online right now.  Drop in a review before you finish reading this blog post.  Here is the link:


If you have yet to read The Way: A Hawaiian Story Of Growth, Relationships, & Volleyball, it is now available in paperback, as well as in e-book form.  Here are the links for each.




I appreciate you hanging with me,

- Lion

Chris P Austin