DONATE to The Way GRV Scholarship

What is it?  It's a scholarship, put together for today's youth who puts in the time and effort to becoming the best that they can be.  There are GPA requirements.  There are community service requirements, however, most of all, there must be an apparent consistency in attention to detail and pursuit of process.  If you support that, then DONATE!



Why are we doing it?  The story of the most successful youth volleyball team in history was written down in a book so that the world could learn what it takes in terms of discipline and consistency and belief in process in order to have an abundance of results-based success.  The next step is being able to help the current youth be able to understand what is required of them and how to achieve it.  College helps that, and scholarship can help that.  So our mission is to make college and scholarship happen for the youth of today who want to be about that process grind.